Veritaseum hires Wall Street veteran as co-CEO

New York-based cryptocurrency company Veritaseum has taken on Jeffrey Tabak for one of its top roles

Veritaseum has made a big step in bringing its product to the mainstream by hiring Wall Street veteran Jeffrey Tabak as its new co-CEO.

The acquisition comes one week after CEO Reggie Middleton announced expansion into the African blockchain ecosystem, as reported exclusively here at Coin Rivet.

Tabak made his name on Wall Street by co-founding Miller Tabak, a leading institutional firm since the 1980s. After graduating from Brown University in 1974, he went on to complete his MBA from Harvard Business School.

He was a part of President Reagan’s Task Force on Market Mechanisms (The Brady Commission), following the stock market crash of 1987.

Tabak comments: “I met Reggie Middleton, who has the best vision in the industry of what blockchain digital is going to become. I think Veritaseum will be the leading firm in this industry, by the leading firm I mean the one with the most innovative product.”

“We are going to offer portfolios and individual investments for institutions and high net worth individuals. We will back up all of those investments with the best research in the blockchain digital area.”

He adds: “As far as the regulatory environment is concerned, I see Veritaseum as a real leader; we have been in regular contact with FINRA and the SEC. Internationally the regulators are more advanced than we are domestically (USA); we hope to establish beachhead soon in Bermuda, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.”

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