Veritaseum’s Reggie Middleton embroiled in war of words with crypto influencer on Twitter

Veritaseum CEO Reggie Middleton has become embroiled in a war of words with cryptocurrency influencer Nic Carter on Twitter, with Carter lamenting the business capabilities of Middleton's New York-based company

Veritaseum CEO Reggie Middleton has found himself at the centre of a heated debate with cryptocurrency influencer Nic Carter on Twitter.

Carter, who has more than 28,000 followers on Twitter, ignited the debate by publishing a blog post entitled “Fifteen dead cryptocurrency predictions, twelve months on.”

Within the post, Carter labelled Veritaseum as a “wacky, confusing project with no apparent goal or focus,” before claiming that development on the project was “absent.”

Middleton, who has been in the news for expanding his operation to Africa in 2018, was quick to refute Carter’s claims, stating that he had created “a list of inaccurate, incompetent and erroneous comments” in reference to Veritaseum.

He added: “Veritaseum has one of the most advanced code bases and UI in the industry. We have renowned Wall Street veterans on staff. We have operations in 3 continents, 6 countries, generating revenue from dozens of jurisdictions, yet you claim we’re abandoned? Incompetence.”

In terms of the price of Veritaseum, it has fallen in line with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, falling more than 90% from its all-time high over 2018’s gruelling bear market.

But in terms of project development, Middleton has honed in on the potential of the African economic ecosystem, establishing the company in Lagos, Nigeria and the up-and-coming Ugandan capital of Kampala.

Reacting to Middleton’s response, Carter stood firm on his original claims, stating that: “I’m pretty familiar with Veri, I think my characterisation is absolutely fair, and FYI Lighthouse is gonna publish their report again so everyone can read it.”

Whether Veritaseum, or a large number of altcoins for that matter, survive into 2019 and the next decade remains to be seen. However, in spite of its naysayers, the blockchain start-up has managed to keep its place in the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.

Development, albeit not on a public GitHub page, is underway, and according to Middleton, followers of the project will have their “socks blown off when they hear what we’re doing and who we are doing it with in Nigeria.”

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