VIBE to release the world’s first blockchain-based first-person shooter game

VIBE has recently announced plans to launch a first-person shooter game on a blockchain on January 12th 2019

A recent announcement from VIBE has revealed it plans to release a first-person shooter (FPS) game on blockchain technology. The game, called VIBE or DIE, is set to be released on January 12th 2019.

VIBE is an ERC-20 token that powers the VIBEHub technology running on the Ethereum blockchain.

The website reads: “VIBEHub is a technology for creating a virtual reality marketplace and hubs where users can buy and sell experiences that would never be possible with traditional technology.”

“The VIBE team is proud to announce that we are releasing a first-person shooter game on the blockchain that will integrate VIBE, ETH, and BNB cryptocurrencies.”

The game is called VIBE or DIE and does not look too dissimilar from popular FPS game Halo. Players will be awarded or deducted crypto tokens every time they record a kill or are killed themselves. The announcement states that there will be four different game modes available to players.

At the moment, VIBE or DIE looks to be PC exclusive, and will require use of a VR headset. VIBE stated: “We decided to make the first release non-browser based and downloadable to allow the highest quality desktop graphics.”

Owners of BNB and ETH should note that if you wish to play with these tokens, you first need a balance of 1,000 BNB or ETH in your VIBENet wallet.

VIBEHub is also accepting applications for other ERC-20 tokens, and if accepted, they will be integrated into VIBE or DIE.

Here is the trailer:

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