WAX unveils AR trainers with RTFKT and FaZe Clan at E3

WAX - a marketplace for trading in-game skins and aesthetics - has unveiled new AR trainers in partnership with RTFKT at E3

WAX – an online marketplace which facilitates the trading of virtual items on the blockchain – has unveiled augmented reality (AR) trainers at gaming conference E3 in partnership with RTFKT and promoted by popular gaming group the FaZe Clan.

The news was announced in a WAX.io blog post. RTFKT (pronounced as artifact) is a new augmented reality e-commerce company which will run on the WAX blockchain.

RTFKT is reportedly the world’s first AR e-commerce trainer brand and is aiming to fuse together the obsession of collecting trainers with design and distribution inspired by skin drops (character and weapon aesthetics) in video games.

It is a new “hypercraft luxury fashion brand” which has been inspired by two of the most popular consumer trends: streetwear fashion and video games.

Any merchandise sold by RTFKT will have an augmented reality digital counterpart on the WAX blockchain. RTFKT’s head of design, Chris Le, has created video game skins for massively popular titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Fortnite.

“All of our limited edition custom sneakers will be minted on the WAX blockchain. Every physical shoe we sell will also come with a unique digital copy stored on the WAX blockchain. People will be able to instantly trade the digital copy,” says Zaptio, CEO and co-founder of RTFKT.

“No more waiting for the shoes to be shipped to you – you get the digital version of the shoe straight away. Trade them, sell them, or gift them immediately. Take delivery of the physical shoe later. It’s a crazy new brand concept.”

Zaptio is one of the world’s top custom trainer designers and has worked on one-of-a-kind trainers for Mortal Kombat II and Foot Locker.

The first batch of AR trainers by RTFKT were demoed on SnapChat by members of the FaZe Clan at E3.


RTFKT’s limited edition merchandise will be released to the public once per month and will be wearable in both AR and the real world.

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