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Using various metrics Footprint examines the top five GameFi blockchains

According to Footprint Analytics, the top five GameFi blockchains by users since June were Hive, BSC, WAX, Ronin and Polygon,  which are popular among players for their innovative gameplay and novel concepts.

Footprint Analytics – Market Share of GameFi Users

In this article, Footprint Analytics will compare these five chains to see their unique features, gaming ecosystems and potential.

Top five GameFi blockchains: Features

Footprint Analytics – Top five number of GameFi users cross-chain 


Hive is a fork of the social blockchain Steem. Since its release on March 20, 2020, Hive has eliminated the centralised control of the Steem blockchain for the past four years, making it truly decentralised.

  • Hive’s support for large transaction volumes, combined with its fast three-second lock time and free transactions, makes it the ideal platform for building highly interactive applications.
  • Hive is building a multi-layers solution with modular plugins for the blockchain and Layer 2 applications. It enables applications to interact  between different network layers.


BSC initially focused on DeFi, but is now prominent in GameFi as well.

In contrast to Hive, WAX, Ronin and Polygon blockchains, BSC is one of the most populated gaming projects, becoming a playground for GameFi dApps.

Footprint Analytics – Monthly Number of Games

  • BSC can create and deploy smart contracts. Is a fully independent smart contract blockchain with EVM.
  • BSC has stayed fast and retained low transaction fees.
  • BSC’s team is well-funded and has a richer ecosystem.


WAX is dedicated to serving on-chain NFT virtual asset transactions for developers and general users. 

Based on an EOS adaptation, it follows the DPoS consensus mechanism to support the high throughput required for gaming. 

  • For developers, it provides game, dApp, and transactional application development and on-chain services.
  • For users, there is an on-chain marketplace for buying, selling and trading game props is opened.
  • Compared to BSC, WAX supports transactions of higher frequency and value transactions, processing up to 8,000 transactions per second, while BSC processes roughly 100.


Ronin’s ecosystem is relatively simple compared with Hive, BSC, WAX and Polygon, and only serves as the exclusive chain of Axie Infinity. 

Ronin focuses more on the experience of the application and solves the most important problems such as inefficiency and high consumption.

  • Instant confirmation and fast, seamless transactions.
  • With the reduction of gas fees, users do not need to pay fees to Ethereum miners, and gas fees can be retained by the community for activities such as tournaments and bounties. 
  • Ability to extract assets from Axie Infinity back to the Ethereum mainnet.


Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum with the goal of addressing some of the barriers to dApp adoption (speed, scalability and availability). Polygon has since expended to GameFi and the NFTs.

  • A security layer operating side-by-side with Ethereum, providing services for independent authentication.
  • Creating a development platform for secure and independent control across chains.
  • Establishing itself as a leader in the decentralized gaming sector.

Footprint Analytics – Top 5 Chains – Current Game Totals


To find better quality GameFi blockchains and gaming projects, the following are some of the main evaluation factors to consider.

  • Well-established infrastructure, including transaction speed, high TPS, and high security.
  • Focus on user experience and address issues considered by users, such as high gas costs and network congestion.
  • A relatively strong financial and resource-rich ecosystem.
  • Good development trend of the project, and the constant iteration of the underlying technology.

Here are the respective features of the top five GameFi chains. 

Footprint Analytics – Top 5 GameFi Chains Summary Comparison

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