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Why 2019 is still a profitable time for crypto and blockchain investment

The bubble is not bursting, argues Reece Hobson, Group Sales Manager at Quantatex

Despite recent price fluctuations and drops, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have remained in the headlines in 2019. With predictions for the future of both specific coins and the market as a whole remaining rife, it can be very difficult to navigate through these and determine whether investment in the space remains profitable.

By considering how the space is set to develop any investments you make from a long-term perspective, you can see that both cryptocurrency and blockchain still offer viable investment opportunities in 2019.

It’s not going away

When the cryptocurrency market and blockchain began to gain increased attention in the mainstream, many traditional investment commentators would discuss the market in relation to a ‘bubble’ that will inevitably burst. Going into 2019, the recent drop in prices could definitely imply that the bubble is beginning to burst – however if you consider how the ideas have permeated other financial areas, or other sectors entirely, you begin to gain a more truthful impact on the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

It is widely rumoured that Samsung is planning to feature an in-built cryptocurrency storage function for users within its S10 series of smartphones, clearly showing the continued integration of cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Russia’s rumoured investment of $10 billion into Bitcoin and Venezeula’s Petro cryptocurrency further strengthens the view that cryptocurrency is not going to be fading away but is in fact gaining attention from further bigger institutions, so 2019 remains a great time to invest.

Developments in blockchain

We are beginning to see how blockchain technologies can be utilised for many more purposes than initially thought. Blockchain startups are popping up across a wide variety of industries including not only finance but education, health and charities, in order to revolutionise the way these are run. If you are planning an investment in cryptocurrency, or its associated technologies, a great step into the market is to consider investing in an emerging blockchain company as there is a high possibility this technology will revolutionise the way we work.

Not only is blockchain appearing in startups, but recent Glassdoor findings have shown that related jobs are on the rise, so the sector does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Capitalising on these developments will place you at the forefront of the technological revolution.

Always retain a long-term view

When investing in cryptocurrency, it is important to remember that the market will be volatile and will have ups and downs. This will not change and is typical of any financial market, as people are continuously buying and selling. It is true that the volatility of the crypto market is higher than traditional financial markets due to its unregulated nature, but this should not deter any potential investor. The market will go up and down, but this is natural. Anyone looking to invest should not be afraid of a drop in price, as it is likely the price will rise once again.

This is why 2019 provides a great opportunity to move into the space as you could make great returns on the relatively lower prices, especially if you choose to invest on a smaller altcoin which is primed for growth as opposed to a larger coin which has already grown significantly in the last few years. Always make sure you only invest an amount you can afford and are comfortable with and consult a trusted advisor if you require any further guidance.

Cryptocurrencies definitely do not seem to be disappearing anytime soon, with their integration into mainstream society becoming deeper as the months go on. Whilst many have already made gains in this field, this should not deter any potential investor as there are more definitely gains still to be made.

By Reece Hobson, Group Sales Manager, Quantatex

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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