Sponsored Why Coinbase is looking to expand into the European market

As one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, Coinbase has been prominent since they are one of the best platforms in the crypto market.

It is in the process of expanding in France, Italy, Spain, and many other countries on the continent.

Since Coinbase is huge in North America, you can tell that they want to leave a lasting mark on other parts of the world as well. They have already cemented their spot as one of the best crypto exchanges but they want to be considered the number one platform.

With the crypto market growing, you should expect many uses to stand out. From investing to playing online casino Bitcoin games, you should have a good time by investing in Coinbase since you can gain assets from the platform.

Now, let’s talk about why Coinbase has expanded into the European market.

Europe is a bull market

Coinbase is looking to pounce on the chance to expand into Europe. The vice president of business development Nana Murugesan and VP international policy Tom Duff Gordon released a statement regarding how they see Coinbase working out.

They wrote, ‘At Coinbase, our mission is to promote economic freedom, and we believe the best way to do that is by increasing crypto adoption in the world. That is why international expansion is fundamentally mission-aligned and continues to be a company priority’.

With what they have seen so far, Coinbase sees Europe as one of the biggest bull markets in the world. They want to invest in this market because they know people will gravitate towards them as the primary choice for an exchange.

The MiCA has impacted Coinbase’s growth

With the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation setting the most comprehensive framework for the crypto market in 27 countries in Europe, Coinbase’s potential will be huge because it will provide certainty for the crypto market which has been ignored by multiple entities in the past.

Coinbase wants more growth worldwide

While Coinbase has millions of users worldwide, they want to continue to expand their reach. Asia has many crypto users but they have their own exchanges.

This will start in Europe which will be important to know because they can use it as a good reason to expand even more. They started in NA but with the move to Europe with MiCA, you should expect Asia to follow suit.

The biggest markets in Asia that Coinbase can expand into

Since Europe is a possible market that Coinbase will be looking to tap into, you should know that other countries in Asia can enter as well. This means that countries like Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, and many more can be called the best markets for crypto assets. Coinbase will be a strong platform for those countries since they are quite useful for them when they look into the crypto market.

Coinbase will continue to grow

With how Coinbase is looking recently, you should know that the platform will keep growing. Europe is just another step for Coinbase because they have proven that they are one of the highest-quality platforms in the world. This is crucial to the experience because people want to use their cryptocurrencies more freely including investing and playing online casino Bitcoin games. Hopefully, people will not have any issues with Coinbase’s growth because this exchange has cemented its spot at the top moving forward.



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