Sponsored Why Solana & Magic Eden users jump over to Toon Finance Coin

In the financial sector, cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular investments. The crypto market might also be very complicated for novice traders. The high volatility, accessibility, and platform navigation are some challenges that inexperienced crypto traders face.

However, the introduction of meme currencies has drawn many new users and investors to the crypto space. In addition to being a source of entertainment, viral memes have proven to be a lucrative financial opportunity. The humorous aspect of these meme coins, which have attracted a lot of media and public attention, is directly related to their attraction.

Furthermore, despite the current market decline, the non-fungible token (NFT) sector is booming thanks to many new initiatives. Meme currencies like Toon Finance are dominating the NFT market. It has become the trendiest cryptocurrency on the market. Users from all around the world are flocking to invest in this cryptocurrency project, whether it’s to receive a Toonie NFT or to want to acquire it on presale. The coin is outperforming Solana and all other significant cryptocurrencies that are new to the market.

Let’s continue to find out why users of Solana and Magic Eden are switching to Toon Finance Coin.

What is Solana?

A blockchain platform called Solana intends to run scalable, decentralized apps. Compared to other blockchains like Ethereum, the network is quicker in the volume of transactions it can handle and has far cheaper transaction fees.

Solana, developed by Anatoly Yakovenko, uses a blockchain-based decentralized computer network. The team focuses a lot on community governance and decentralization. The Solana blockchain also has several NFT markets. Solana Network includes different Native marketplaces like OpenSea etc. 

Working of Solana

The network uses Proof-of-History and its unique protocol to handle thousands of transactions per second. It is renowned for the numerous innovations developed on it as well as its high-performance blockchain, which supports 50,000+ TPS without sharding. Moreover, its framework aims to show off a collection of software techniques that remove software as a speed constraint when used with a blockchain. Transaction throughput might increase according to network bandwidth thanks to the combination.

Its blockchain employs proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms. PoH enables the transactions to be time-stamped and authenticated extremely rapidly; PoS helps validators, those who approve transactions submitted to the blockchain ledger) to confirm transactions depending on how many coins or tokens they own.

Solana NFT Marketplaces

Anyone may create different kinds of NFT markets using the Solana blockchain network. Therefore, the ecosystem’s NFT sales have significantly expanded in less than a year.

  • SolSea

The first NFT marketplace in the ecosystem, SolSea, facilitates NFT purchasing and minting by artists. Additionally, its first 100 is the first online exhibition of its sort to include makers and early adopters. The site ranks its NFT collections according to their scarcity levels using a built-in NFT minting technology that automatically embeds licenses. Additionally, it has a 2% transaction fee.

  • Solanart

One of the most popular NFT markets in the ecosystem, Solanart allows anybody to develop, sell, and acquire Solana-based NFT. Creators are allowed to set their prices. Moreover, this marketplace applies a 3% transaction fee for each profitable NFT transaction.

  • Magic Eden

One of the most well-known sites to make, sell, and acquire NFT is Magic Eden. The platform imposes a transaction cost of 2% but not a listing fee. The service only features a small selection of artworks from certain artists, and creators may also choose their royalty rates and get paid only once after the sale.

What is Magic Eden?

The most well-known NFT market on the Solana blockchain is Magic Eden. It enables users to sell NFTs, unique cryptocurrency tokens that usually feature a reference to digital artwork, music, or in-game collectables. It competes in the market and serves as a hub for NFT collections on SOL.

The network is one of the consumer markets’ most user-friendly platforms. It is easy to purchase and sell NFTs because of the rapid processing times, reliable security, and many appealing features. For example, it works collaboratively with artists on its Launchpad to support them in developing, marketing and launching their projects.

This platform is well-liked because it gives consumers a variety of investment alternatives. If you want to invest in the arts, music, or even video games, the platform has the NFT for you. Furthermore, the platform is continually being updated with new NFTs.

How Does Magic Eden Work?

Magic Eden is accessible for both new NFT launches and secondary market transactions. Although the secondary market is still the most well-liked feature, there has been a lot of interest in recent releases. This trend means that the network may have a bright future as a hub for the initial launch, acquisition, and sale of NFTs.

The market segment created to mint fresh NFTs is called the Launchpad. The platform’s user-friendliness-focused design provides artists with a comfortable, efficient approach to start their creations. Creators must sign up with this platform before they can mint NFTs there.

The Eden marketplace ensures high standards since it only accepts less than 5% of the proposals. Traders can confidently navigate the website thanks to this degree of quality control. An NFT must be a product of a very promising project if it is accessible for minting on the platform.

What is Toon Finance?

A decentralized cryptocurrency called Toon Finance Coin facilitates quick and safe peer-to-peer transactions. In contrast to traditional financial firms, the platform uses blockchain technology to support safe and open trades. It also offers lower fees and quicker processing times.

A group of industry experts and blockchain engineers created the decentralized exchange (DEX) token, intending to address the impacts of the P2E gaming requirements by establishing a P2E metaverse protected by SHA256 encryption.

Meme coins work in settings where people are supposed to donate money to several charity causes. Because of this characteristic, many investors are adopting the Toon Protocol. Moreover, investors appreciate that its protocol is a community-driven initiative because it gives them an excellent opportunity to decide whether or not to invest in the currency.

Additionally, the network introduced many NFTs that may be used in this metaverse or bought as investments. These NFTs will be practical gaming elements for players to participate in the ecosystem’s games.

Toon Finance presale

It seems evident that the Toon Finance ICO will be a tremendous success because it is selling out fast. On October 10, 2022, the TFT opened for business and sold out in less than a week for more than $3 M.

There will be a nine-stage presale for this ICO on the official website. The second round of the ICO is already ongoing, with token prices set at $0.014000. After finishing the presale phases, early participants will also get time-fractionated percentages.

Best Features of Toon Finance attracting users from Solana and Magic Eden blockchain

The Solana network has been well-known in the blockchain community since its introduction. The project and its potential to capture the top rank in the blockchain sector have been the subject of several recent discussions. However, everything changed when a new crypto coin, Toon Finance Coin (TFT), entered the market. It attracts users from the Solana and Magic Eden blockchains.

There are several reasons why TFT is outperforming these two initiatives.

Fast block time

Technology companies with cryptocurrency are continuously working to increase block speed. Toon Finance Coin features one of the fastest block times in the cryptocurrency industry. It is what distinguishes it from the majority of other cryptocurrencies available on the market. Moreover, the team is constantly working to boost block time.

The technology allows for significantly speedier processing and confirmation of transactions. Furthermore, the overall amount of TFT coins is 1 billion, which is a lot more than the total supply of Solana coins, which is approximately 530 million. Because of these characteristics, it is a more effective and scalable choice for decentralized financial applications.

The presale of the coin is attracting investors.

The presale for the Toon Finance meme currency has started in the market. You may participate in the presale by browsing the official website and acquiring the coins. The platform includes sha256 integration and is currently listed on CoinMarketCap and Crypto.com. Therefore, users can feel secure knowing they are receiving a fair opportunity in the P2E gaming sector of cryptocurrency.

The Magic Eden NFT collection has been available since last year, but Toon Finance is a recent entrant with a remarkable feature. Its added features are raising interest in the coin. It is one of the factors attracting users of other networks.

Experienced team of developers

The Toon Finance Coin team has worked on several strategic initiatives and has a plethora of knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The developers are Toon Jumper, Apollo Toon, Toon r3m1x, Toon Mello, and Toon Spark1z. Additionally, they have advisers from leading businesses in the sector, ensuring that the network remains innovative and ahead of its time. The objective is to give people a safe and convenient framework for managing their digital assets.

So, if you want to invest in a new cryptocurrency project with the best characteristics, Toon Finance is the best initiative.

Toon Finance is the leading presale ICO at the moment and Elon Musk has mentioned the token on twitter, this may be some of the reason why Toon Finance’s presale is exploding at the moment completely selling out of stage 1. 

Toon Finance / TFT Twitter / Toon Finance Telegram / Toon Finance Presale

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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