Will a new Ledger hardware wallet be announced on January 7th?

Ledger have revealed they are planning a "major announcement that you will not want to miss"

Crypto hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger have announced that they’re going to unveil some groundbreaking news next week.

A post on the Ledger Twitter feed stated: “We’ll have some exciting news to share soon – visit our website on January 7th.”

A new hardware wallet?

Speculation is already rife across social media as to what the announcement will entail, with many speculating a new hardware wallet is about to be released.

This claim is supported by the fact that the current Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue models are selling for a 30% discount on their website. Retailers typically look to discount older models to clear out stock before a new product launches.

On Reddit, some users were speculating about Ledger possibly releasing a wallet with Lightning payment integration. However, this may be technically challenging due to the need for a routing node (as the funds need to be hot when inside a Lightning channel).

Ledger did mention in their post that despite the bear market of 2018, they have managed to reach the milestone of selling over 1.4 million Nano S hardware wallets, stating: “We look forward to building on this success and to keep optimizing the services our clients are currently enjoying. As announced in February, we are working on a mobile phone version of Ledger Live, which we are hoping to release in the first quarter of 2019.”

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