Will the World Series of Poker 2020 be cancelled due to coronavirus?

The WSOP in Las Vegas is just months away but it could be cancelled altogether, according to a group of professional poker players who believe the threat of coronavirus could shut the event down

The annual World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas is one that always stands out on the poker calendar, with hundreds of thousands of players flocking to the middle of the Nevada desert to play cards every year.

Coin Rivet recently reported on what to expect from the upcoming World Series of Poker, which is expected to host more tournaments with more variance and game types.

However, the global spread of the coronavirus has the potential to cancel the event entirely as many of the participants will have to fly in from across the globe.

Professional poker players Doug Polk, Mike McDonald and Josh Reichard have all been taking bets on the likelihood of the WSOP being cancelled on Twitter.

“I think there is a real chance of WSOP being cancelled,” Polk wrote.

“There are just so many countries that fly in and with severe travel restrictions it might not be realistic.”

The comments from the three players caused a stir on social media with onlookers beginning to speculate about the potential impact a WSOP cancellation would have on the entire poker industry.

However, the WSOP’s official Twitter page was quick to dispel rumours by stating: “We are monitoring COVID-19 developments and have no plans to cancel WSOP.”

For ongoing updates on the impact of coronavirus on poker events, click here.

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