‘Women in blockchain can make the world a better place’

The London FinTech Week event, which took place earlier this month, featured a discussion panel on the role of women in the changing blockchain landscape.

“Women urgently need to be afforded the opportunities to acquire the skills to become experts in the field of blockchain,” said Michelle Chivunga, regional advisor to the British Blockchain Association.

“Blockchain has massive potential, but the first challenge to implementation is education.”

A key opportunity is helping the world’s most vulnerable people, connecting them to banking services, ensuring they receive the assistance to which they’re entitled, she added.

Amber Nystrom, Co-founder and CEO of 5th Element Group, argued: “We need to focus on women, invest in women … it will yield greater returns. Engaging women in blockchain is your best path. Guys are key to bringing women in technology, that’s what’s going to change the world.”

Darshita Gillies, CEO of Blu Dot Advisory, said it was imperative to “connect blockchain to how the world is moving, and when we do we’ll come to the stage of adoption and therefore a better world.”

Gillies said she remembered being poor and going days without food, so “when we think of blockchain we need to prioritise the bottom 99% and not the richest 1%.”

Dr Jane Thomason, ABT Associates CEO, concluded: “Blockchain helps connect people around the world and has the possibility of changing the world and can change the lives of the poor in amazing ways.”

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