Woorton acquires €5 million of Bitcoin at national French auction

Market making firm Woorton has acquired a total of €5 million worth of Bitcoin at the first even public Bitcoin auction in France this week

Paris-based cryptocurrency market makers, Woorton, participated in the first ever Bitcoin auction in France.

The event saw the French State auction off 611 Bitcoin that had been recovered by the Agency for the Recovery of Seized and Confiscated Assets (AGRASC).

A total of more than 28 million euros of Bitcoin was sold at the auction, around five million of which was acquired by Woorton.

The Bitcoin was divided into 478 separate lots throughout the auction, ranging from 0.11 BTC to 20 BTC.

Almost 1,500 companies and individuals registered to take part in the auction, with Woorton positioning itself as one of the most active participants in both sessions.

With Woorton being one of Europe’s leading market makers and liquidity providers, it is constantly looking to buy or sell large amounts of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

In December, Coin Rivet interviewed Woorton’s Head of Trading, Zahreddine Touag, over the company’s role in the influx of institutional investment that has skyrocketed cryptocurrency into the mainstream in 2021.

Speaking after Paris Blockchain Week in December, Touag said: “This year we have been reached by 10 times the amount of CFOs from large corporations because they want to get into crypto.”

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