WWF Italy now accepting donations on the blockchain

We’re entering a new era of transparent giving, according to the folks at AidCoin

WWF Italy has joined AidCoin’s AIDChain ecosystem, giving people the chance to donate in 23 cryptocurrencies.

WWF has committed to spend the entirety of funds raised in crypto without converting to fiat, so that donors can track further funds redistribution. The organisation says that it “recognises the importance of using blockchain technology in fostering trust between parties that have in the past been breached by a clear absence of organisational accountability” (naming no names, of course!)

CEO and Co-Founder of CharityStars and AidCoin, Francesco Nazari Fusetti, says: “We’re very excited about this news. It shows how the no-profit industry’s opening up to blockchain technology and WWF Italy is one of the most important international charities to be launched on our AidChain platform. We’ve been working alongside them through CharityStars for a long time now and we strongly believe it will only be the first in a long list.”

Plastic not fantastic

Last month, the WWF’s Rome press office warned that the Mediterranean was turning into a “dangerous plastic trap” and that there were “record levels of pollution from microplastics threatening marine species and human health”.

Most of this is released into the sea from Turkey and Spain, followed by Italy, Egypt and France. “Large plastic pieces injure, suffocate and often kill marine animals, including protected and endangered species, such as sea turtles and monk seals,” the WWF said.

“But it is microplastics – smaller and more insidious fragments – that have reached record levels of concentration of 1.25 million fragments per km² in the Mediterranean Sea, almost four times higher than in the ‘plastic island’ found in the North Pacific Ocean. By entering the food chain, these fragments threaten an increasing number of animal species as well as people.”

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