WWT and Dell Technologies announce UK blockchain initiative

Project Concord addresses scaling and energy efficiency issues by using a Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm commonly found in blockchain networks

World Wide Technology (WWT) and Dell Technologies, comprised of Dell EMC and VMware, have developed a Blockchain Solutions Lab in the UK to host Project Concord, which provides a base for enterprise-grade blockchain implementations.

“The uptake of blockchain technology by companies around the world will see a huge shift in the way every sector does business, much like the monumental shift from paper to online in the business world. To realise this change, however, new technology infrastructures need to be implemented to enable competent performance, reduced speed of transactions, embedded regulatory compliance and energy efficiency,” says Dave Locke, Chief Technology Officer at World Wide Technology.

“Project Concord aims to address these challenges, and we’re very excited to be showcasing it at the Blockchain Solutions Lab in the UK. This lab is a collaborative ecosystem – a place for customers to trial and prove their blockchain initiatives for seamless integration of this technology into their IT infrastructure,” he adds.

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