Yamzu builds blockchain-powered e-sports platform

Sweden-based Yamzu has launched a white list for investors, ahead of a public ICO which goes online in just over a month.

The venture is looking to build a self-perpetuating blockchain e-sports platform. It reports 300% revenue growth since it was founded two years ago with an active player base of more than 10,000 users. Yamzu CEO Asiad Majeed says: “We’re very excited about the whitelist and the ICO in general. It’s another major step in our plans for a sustainable, interlinked e-sports ecosystem. Even better, investors get to come onboard as soon as our public ICO goes live, and they can benefit from where we’re going.”

He adds: “It’s obvious to anyone in the e-sports industry that the market is a growing one. We’ve seen huge increases in player numbers and revenue since going live just two years ago, and the numbers are developing month-on-month. Our goal is to offer something that breaks the mould and like many other technology brands to come out of Sweden in recent years, we’re poised to do just that. We are building a platform with rewards and flexibility like no other, and our ICO is a big part of this. We know that e-sports are the future, and it’s a very exciting time to be part of it.”

For further details, visit https://yamzu.io/

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