Yellow vest street art in Paris contains hidden Bitcoin puzzle

Artist Pascal Boyart has hidden a Bitcoin puzzle somewhere inside his new artwork in Paris, and the artist is encouraging people to try and decipher the private key corresponding to a public address that has a 0.26 BTC balance

Paris-based artist Pascal Boyart has created a new piece of street art that contains a secret Bitcoin puzzle.

The artwork was created as a celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin’s genesis block.

The puzzle is hidden somewhere inside the artwork, and Boyart is encouraging people to try and decipher the private key corresponding to a public address that has a 0.26 BTC balance. People who wish to swipe the $1,000 prize will therefore need to decrypt the 256-bit number that is hidden somewhere in the image.

The prize money was made available by Alistair Milne, entrepreneur and Bitcoin evangelist, who also invited other people to donate more BTC to the same address.

Yellow vests and crypto

The image painted in the mural was inspired by Eugène Delacroix’s work titled ‘Liberty Leading the People’. In the picture, Lady Liberty is leading a group of  yellow vest demonstrators holding the French flag in their hands.

The yellow vest movement is not new to the cryptosphere. Just last month, one of the demonstrators had written “Buy Bitcoin” on the back of his vest, and the photo was shared by a number of people on Twitter.

Another yellow vest project was the GiletJauneCoin (GJCO). In December, the coin was launched to be “perfect for transactions between yellow vest citizens, or people who want to support our legitimate battle against European oligarchy.”

They were looking to help yellow vest protesters around the world to create a parallel economic system during the current struggle for freedom.


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