You can now discover NFTs on OpenSea using search engine Presearch

The decentralised search engine has worked closely with OpenSea to integrate the native search feature

Decentralised search engine platform Presearch has unveiled an NFT search function that is powered by leading NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Through the ‘first-of-its-kind’ feature, users can now search and find the vast array of NFTs on OpenSea directly through a “decentralised, community-powered search engine”.

Following a search query, users will then immediately be able to see the top results from OpenSea directly in their search results.

The Presearch team has worked with OpenSea in the past few months to integrate its API along with necessary additional data to introduce this native NFT search feature.

Presearch also plans to work with other NFT marketplaces in the future to “continually enhance its search results” and help NFT enthusiasts find more unique NFT drops and collections.

Colin Pape, the founder of Presearch, commented on how it can offer a more decentralised user experience for the crypto community.

“Google has served shopping results through search for years, and now we’re rethinking that concept for the Web3 era of decentralisation,” he said.

“The crypto community is one that values separation from the centralised systems developed by big tech. Whether it’s financial freedom or privacy, users of web 3 are building communities that distance themselves more and more from these establishments.”

Presearch rewards users of the platform with ‘PRE‘ tokens every time they search – including for NFTs – which they can trade for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

OpenSea remains the leading NFT marketplace and recently crossed the $10bn volume mark in 2021 following a stellar several months in the NFT space since August.

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