You can now earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) through the new Coinbase learning platform

Coinbase has said that up to $10 worth of BAT will be initially available to those who complete the online educational lessons and interactive tasks on their 'Earn' platform

Users can now earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by taking part in online courses on Coinbase’s new learning platform Coinbase Earn.

How it works

Coinbase Earn works by allowing users invited via email to complete a number of online lessons and tutorials regarding the BAT-powered Brave browser. Coinbase has said that you can earn up to $10 worth of BAT for completing the online educational lessons and interactive tasks.

The major US-based exchange hopes this will encourage people to explore the use of utility tokens in their native environments.

In the launch blog post, Coinbase said that they “see these interactive, advanced lessons in cryptocurrencies and tokens as an important step toward building awareness and usage of utility use cases in the crypto ecosystem – one where a beginner can quickly get up to speed on a token in a few minutes, actually engage with the product, and earn some of that token along the way.”

It is clear that Coinbase is actively promoting the browser and BAT, which it listed on its platform in November last year. The Basic Attention Token aims to improve the efficiency of online advertising with the use of an Ethereum-based token that can be issued between advertisers and publishers.

Raising awareness 

The new venture is aimed at raising awareness for the Brave open source web browser, which intends to declutter the web by removing intrusive advertising. The online advertising industry is currently dominated by Google Ads.

Coinbase concluded by saying that “expect earning to become an increasingly important function in the crypto ecosystem – alongside buying and mining – especially when paired with education. We hear from people that they’re always looking for trusted sources to educate themselves about new developments in crypto, and we want to help serve that need.”

The lessons have been launched on the Earn BAT page and are designed to raise awareness and increase adoption of the browser and its token.

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