You can now use crypto to buy products on Amazon via the Moon browser extension

A new web browser extension reportedly enables shoppers to purchase products on Amazon with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin

A new browser extension called Moon allows shoppers to pay for products on Amazon using cryptocurrencies.

A tweet from @Bitcoin revealed that customers can now pay with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on Amazon. The Moon browser extension is developed by Moon Technologies and is currently in its beta phase.

To use the extension, users must first download it and make an account. Users must then connect their Coinbase account, which will allow them to make purchases directly using their Coinbase wallet. At the moment, Coinbase is the only supported exchange, but there are reportedly plans to add more exchanges to the extension in future.

The Moon Technologies website also details how other e-commerce sites like eBay and Walmart will eventually be added.

The company state that Moon will recognise when you are in the checkout process, at which point users will be able to click on ‘Pay with Moon’ to complete the purchase “instantly and securely.” According to a Medium post, the Moon browser is also believed to not charge fees.

Coin Rivet researched Moon Technologies and found a Reddit post from two months ago where user binarytree discussed the company’s plans to create a browser extension that lets users shop anywhere with Bitcoin.

The Reddit account is believed to belong to Kenneth Kruger, CEO and founder of Moon Technologies. The same account was also very open about Moon’s privacy policy. The company collects users’ first and last name, email address, cookies and data usage, IP address, browser type, and browser version.

Binarytree notes: “Moon is not anonymous in order to comply with KYC/AML as well as other laws.”

It is somewhat refreshing to see a company be transparent about what information they will collect and who they will distribute it to. However, there is no doubt this will irk many in the crypto space.

In any event, the ability to pay on Amazon with cryptocurrency is a big step toward mainstream adoption.

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