Fans can earn role in new Anthony Hopkins movie by buying its NFT

New Anthony Hopkins’ upcoming thriller 'Zero Contact' is to be exclusively premiered on Vuele CurrencyWorks’ NFT platform for feature films

CurrencyWorks Inc, a full-service blockchain platform provider, announced the trailer release for Anthony Hopkins’ upcoming thriller ‘Zero Contact’ that will be premiered on Vuele, CurrencyWorks’ NFT platform for feature films.

This represents a joint venture between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment. It is the first direct-to-consumer, full-length feature film viewing and distribution platform delivering feature films and digital collectible entertainment content as NFTs.

Coin Rivet spoke with Cameron Chell, co-head of Vuele and Executive Chairman of CurrencyWorks about this latest accomplishment.

“We built numerous innovative systems for Fortune 500 companies. One of our products is the Topps trading cards, the first NFTs that went up with the Garbage Pail Kids. We co-built that system.” Chell stated.

“A few years ago we saw that these Garbage Pail Kids trading cards sold out in 24 hours for $100.000.

Focus on high-value assets

“At that point, we recognised that there is a real opportunity for digital collectibles. And by people actually owning something digital, because you then can create scarcity – you can create value as well.

“Part of our philosophy is to create a community. So, we really like what Dapper Labs has done with NBA Top Shots because they created a community with a really robust and creative market that exists around assets where you constantly produce high-quality content.

“We took a number of specific industries for which we thought they have fantastic fan bases and that they can produce really high-quality content that people would like to own.

“There are a couple of key aspects to this. we are focused on feature films. There are lot of people out there talking about how to do film finance, how to support independent filmmakers and I think it’s great.

“But, what we’re really focused on, are high-value assets – things like the Anthony Hopkins’ movie or some feature films with other big stars where we have access to all things that people have never seen.

“These are interviews, the director cuts all of which cannot be seen in theatres.

“On top of the digital scarcity or, should we say, digital uniqueness, we actually can create content scarcity as well.”

He asserted that the first NFT that has been dropped in Anthony Hopkins’s film actually includes two films.

“There is one film that was completely shot with a different lead actor and when Anthony saw that, he loved the film and said ‘Ok, I will take on this role’ and then the film was entirely re-shot with Anthony Hopkins.

“So the first NFT will have the only cut ever off this film of this other actor who, a bit of a spoiler, is probably coming back in the sequel.

“This is the type of content that people can get and that will never get on screen and will never go into theaters,” he noted.

Group of fans trading creates humongous value

Cameron explains that Vuele is all about having a group of fans who would trade such content among themselves.

“We believe this can create a humongous value,” he declared.

“The difference from the regular DVD is that this content can ‘live’ online without being copied. Directors cut and extra stuff you get on DVD has no direct value except the fact you own it and can watch it.

“Now, this has value because it’s online and there are limited copies but millions of other people can instantly buy and sell it.”

Cameron also mentioned that fans will be able to directly communicate with actors, directors and writers and that this is special because they are taking part in forming a specific “aura” surrounding the movie.

“One of the other incredible features is that if you are the owner of the NFT, you actually have a part in the movie. So, in the version that goes on Netflix or in theaters, you’ll be in the movie with Anthony Hopkins.”

There are few categories of NFT potential buyers, said Cameron. One is represented by NFT investors/speculators – the group interested in the possible future value of the content.

“These are big buyers and high-value buyers,” said Cameron. “The second group includes movie fans, and, in this case, Anthony Hopkins fans. The third group includes general collectors.”

NFTs as the way of recognising the superfan

Cameron stressed that, when the film is in theaters, directors and actors cannot know who the real fans are. However, when somebody buys an NFT – is pretty much clear that he or she is a superfan.

“This is totally opposite to crypto buyers who want to stay anonymous. Collector’s philosophy goes in a way that they want to be known. They want to be known as for example, someone who has the best collection,” Cameron explained.

He also mentioned Anthony Hopkins and the whole organisation behind him saying they are all very “thinking forward organisation,” adding that Hopkins shot this film during the pandemic in a really “innovative” way.

Cameron added Hopkins is a big supporter of NFTs and he supports Vuele as well.

“I think you will see Anthony Hopkins do a lot of stuff, NFT-based,” he concluded.

To accompany the trailer’s release, Vuele has launched a Golden Ticket sweepstakes, which includes a variety of digital assets developed by CurrencyWorks. The Vuele Golden Ticket is the official access pass to the first four “wide release” film NFTs that will be available on the platform.

100 tickets were randomly distributed to Vuele members throughout September and ticket-holders received access to their new Vuele digital wallet, which automatically stores each Golden Ticket asset.

To watch the official trailer – go here.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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