ZenCash rebrands as Horizen and prepares for expansion

The US-based crypto blockchain-based startup focuses on borderless, decentralised communications and transactions. Its cryptocurrency Zen remains unchanged

ZenCash, now rebranded as Horizen, is evolving and has decided to expand and further develop with insights from community members to strengthen its mission to promote the fundamental human right of privacy worldwide.

The blockchain platform for borderless, decentralised communications and transactions was launched in May 2017 along with its cryptocurrency Zen.

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The rebranding is aimed at more accurately and efficiently reflecting the significant technical, commercial and community developments the firm has achieved. Its token Zen remains unchanged.

ZenCash has evolved

“The ZenCash project has greatly evolved since its inception more than a year ago, and it’s now time to expand our brand to more accurately reflect our mission to promote the fundamental human right of privacy worldwide,” says Horizen President and Co-founder Robert Viglione.

“What initially launched as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency has transformed into a much broader and competent platform that will host a variety of privacy-focused applications, including secure messaging and publishing.”

Ownership of your personal data

Horizen’s Mexico and Latin America lead Angelica Villarreal explains to Coin Rivet in a telephone interview that the “the brand expansion will enable real life uses beyond peer-to-peer transactions using the Zen cryptocurrency, including censorship-resistant publishing, the ability to build privacy-based applications, and the ability to generate basic income through ownership of their personal data.”

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Villarreal adds hat Horizen will increase its attention on its product offerings to include an on-chain treasury voting system and side chains with smart contracting capability. She says the system has been designed to allow community members to vote on issues such as resource allocation for projects.

“I believe one of the most amazing things about Horizen and its products is that it gives back control of your life to you as an individual,” Villarreal states. “It’s not until you understand and use crypto that you learn how useful it really is and how important it is to have that control.”

More R&D from Horizen

Horizen will continue to research and develop new products such as a ZenVault wallet, blockDag protocols to increase scalability and ASIC mining resistance significantly.

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“Our large and engaged community is one of our greatest strengths. I’m very happy that the development of the Horizen brand included feedback from many people that have been with us since the beginning, as well as more who have joined us along the way,” concludes Horizen Executive Advisor and Co-founder Rolf Versluis.

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