$1.1m ‘Golden Ape’ sale caps off record-breaking week for Doodles

The 296 ETH purchase marks the highest ever price paid for a Doodle NFT

A $1.1m sale for an extremely rare ‘Gold Ape’ NFT from Doodles has rounded off a stellar week of record-breaking sales and volume for the colourful collection.

The 296.69 ETH sale marks the highest ever purchase of a Doodles NFT and was made by popular NFT collector ‘Pranksy’, who now owns 66 pieces from the pastel-coloured collection.

The ‘Gold Ape‘ is a true 1/1 – an NFT that is one of a kind in design and traits – and explains the high price tag and demand for such an NFT. Doodle #6914 was sold just 40 minutes after it was listed for sale.

It follows a week of record-breaking sales that have trumped each other at every step.

Doodles started to pick up steam when two ‘aliens’, #7751 and #3954,  were bought for 200 ETH and 150 ETH over the past two days.

Doodles NFT NFTs Coin Rivet

The highest recent sales behind the 296 ETh ‘Gold Ape’ sale

A collection of other sales including three other ‘Apes‘, a ‘Skelly’ and a ‘Cat‘ rounded off the successful week.

Despite their recent popularity and impressive price action, Doodles have remained a favourite in the NFT space since their launch thanks to their attractive artwork, strong community ‘vibes’ and active founders.

Describing itself as a “community-driven” collection, Doodles are the creation of NFT veteran Evan Keast and Scott Martin, the Canadian–based illustrator behind the creative style behind the collection – Burnt Toast.

Now, following a new year spike in interest and volume in NFTs, Doodles have seemingly captured a majority of the volume from established collectors looking for the ‘next’ Bored Ape or Cool Cats.

Doodles NFT NFTs OpenSea CoinRivet

Volume data from OpenSea

The collection has achieved 13.6k ETH ($50m) in volume in the past seven days on OpenSea and has reached a price floor of 9.3 ETH ($32k).

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