Coinbase popularity soars following mysterious advert during Super Bowl

Sunday's Super Bowl LVI saw cryptocurrency exchanges like FTX, Coinbase and run advertisements during the game

Following the hotly-contested battle of the exchanges at yesterday’s Super Bowl, Coinbase came out on top after their mysterious QR-code advert proved to be a winner with viewers.

The advert featured a floating QR code with a captivating soundtrack – which was seemingly inspired by the bouncing DVD logo meme – that led to a Coinbase landing page featuring promotional credits and competitions for signing up to the exchange.

Far unlike anything else that run during the Super Bowl, the mysterious nature of the QR code advertisement pushed Coinbase to second in App Store downloads as viewers flocked to the exchange to sign up and take advantage of the generous promotions.

Following the advertisement, Coinbase also took to Twitter to announce the $15 Bitcoin giveaway to users who joined on ‘Super Bowl Sunday‘.

However, the advert – which was speculated to cost Coinbase an estimated $15 million – unfortunately caused temporary sitewide outages and downtime due to the influx of users trying to sign up at one time.

Many users took to Social Media to comment on the downtime, including Edward Snowden who said that the outage caused by the rush of users to Coinbase was “so very internet“.

FTX also featured their latest campaign – ‘The next ₿ig thing’ – starring comedian Larry David alongside promoting a 7.54 Bitcoin giveaway for its followers on Twitter.

In addition, and Lebron James teamed up for an advert highlighting James’ as the exchange’s new figurehead following their recent partnership to launch a Web3-focused education project in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

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