Coin Rivet has gathered together some of the sharpest minds in blockchain and cryptocurrency to bring you a selection of columnists who are all thought leaders within this exciting industry. Radical thinkers, cool analysts, provocateurs of debate or even humourists, they’ve all signed up to make sure you get the very latest expert thoughts from inside the world we all love to talk about.

Jon Walsh

A highly experienced digital media entrepreneur, Jon is heavily focused on blockchain as a technology to transform the digital ad industry. He is the founder and CEO of dApp ‘Stealth Mode’ and a founding member of the OXBC (Oxford Blockchain Foundation). His column is the go-to place for a blunt and sugar-free assessment of the blockchain world.

Stewie Zhu

Stewie Zhu is the founder and CEO of Distributed Credit Chain and was a PhD candidate in Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science with a research focus on finance and game theory. Stewie also holds three Masters degrees from Oxford University and Yale. His in-depth look at blockchain is a must-read.

Irina Litchfield

Managing Partner at CtyptoHQ Fund Irina S Litchfield is a global blockchain ambassador. Early to the blockchain space, she also co-founded an enterprise-grade Bitcoin exchange in 2013 and later helped build an online bank. Her passion for the advancement of decentralised networks and blockchain technology forms the main thrust of her heartfelt writing.

Darren Parkin

Once the youngest newspaper editor in Europe, award-winning journalist Darren Parkin is currently the editorial director of Coin Rivet. His thoughts may not always stray into the nitty-gritty of deep cryptocurrency analysis, but some observational humour/mild disgust at certain aspects within this industry could become a welcome tonic in his ‘Blockhead’ column.

Preston Junger

Formerly of Yelp, Yahoo, IAC and Apple, Preston is more than qualified to speak his mind in this tech driven world. He is the co-founder of Mile Square Labs – a revenue agency working with international start-ups and founders on sales operations and revenue growth objectives. His column is a shoot-from-the-hip assessment of the crypto world and the blockchain technology behind it.

Alessandra Sollberger

Switzerland-born Alessandra founded her first business at the age of 11, and is fluent in six languages. After graduating from Oxford in 2012, she has been investing in blockchain and biotech and is an active advisor to several blockchain projects. She’s also the youngest member of her Oxford degree’s advisory board and is also the founder of Evermore Health.

Sally Eaves

Sally Eaves is recognised as a true thought leader in blockchain technology, online media and navigating digital disruption to sustainably support business success, educational development and social innovation. She is Chief Technology Officer at MindFit and Chief Innovation Officer at Intrapreneur International. Her insightful articles are shared across the world.