NFT mad Steve Aoki named World Poker Tour ambassador

Renowned DJ Steve Aoki has become an ambassador for the World Poker Tour ahead of its 20th annual series

Electronic music DJ Steve Aoki has been named as the World Poker Tour’s latest ambassador, and is set to play a starring role in the upcoming 20th annual WPT series.

Aoki is reported to have been a poker fan for years, confessing that he has admiration for the WPT itself.

“It’s such an honour to be joining the WPT family,” he said.

“I have watched and admired the WPT for many, many years and to now be part of the WPT family; it feels so surreal, and I am incredibly grateful.”

WPT Chief Executive Adam Pliska added: “The passion and energy in which Steve Aoki approaches every aspect of his life is both inspiring and very much in line with the new vision of the WPT.

“Steve’s love of poker and his dedication to inspiring others to live life to the fullest makes him the ideal WPT brand ambassador.

“We are honoured to have him play an active role in our transformation and in the celebration of World Poker Tour’s 20th anniversary.”

The 44-year-old Las Vegas resident has also taken a keen interest in NFTs over the past year. He currently owns more than 650 NFTs including several from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which are now worth a minimum of $250,000 a piece.

His current portfolio is estimated to be worth as much as $10 million as he continues to purchase NFTs on platforms like OpenSea on a daily basis.

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