NFT integration is coming ‘very soon’ to your MetaMask wallet

The move means users can now view their favourite NFTs directly using the wallet's browser extension

Leading Web3 wallet provider MetaMask has revealed that its much-anticipated NFT integration feature for the browser extension is “coming very soon”.

According to the wallet provider, its development team are putting the finishing touches to the Collectables feature on its ‘Extension’ application.

The feature is already available for mobile users of MetaMask, and allows users to view NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks directly on their mobile wallet.

The integration with the Extension version – which allows users on desktop devices using Chrome and Brave browsers to interact with decentralised applications – will mean that users no longer have to visit an NFT marketplace like OpenSea or the array of competitors to view their NFTs.

MetaMask currently boasts more than 21m active monthly users and remains a widely used Web3 wallet on the market today. However, many competitors – including Coinbase Wallet and XDefi – have emerged in recent months hoping to challenge MetaMask’s dominant market share.

It is also ramping up its efforts to appeal to institutional investors through MetaMask Institutional, which aims to provide easier, safer and more regulated access to DeFi and NFTs.

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