‘Satoshi’ NFT artwork breaks record with 27.5 ETH sale

Trevor Jones' NFT artwork named 'The Architect - Satoshi Nakamoto' has sold for 27.5 ETH to the Museum of CryptoArt in a record-breaking deal

The Museum of CryptoArt has purchased the iconic NFT artwork ‘The Architect – Satoshi Nakamoto’ by artist Trevor Jones for 27.5 ETH (~$6,450).

Coin Rivet interviewed Trevor Jones in 2019 while at the CoinFest UK conference, he went on to tell discuss how augmented reality paintings are “a window to another dimension in art”.

The acquisition will become an integral part of The Museum of CryptoArt’s extensive rare digital art collection, which to date numbers over 700 pieces.

The sale is especially significant as it places more value on the NFT than the original oil painting, which sold at Jones’ 2018 exhibition Crypto Disruption for $6,250.

The The Museum of CryptoArt’s goal is to construct a new paradigm around the question “what would a virtual environment look like, and what would the society we create be, if we empowered artists to be the architects of this emerging world?”

To this extent, the museum has collaborated with several artist on solo exhibitions and launched an incubator program allowing free rentals of metaverse parcels to artists for them to freely build and showcase their own works.

This is in fact Jones’ second NFT to sell for more than its physical painting counterpart proving the legitimacy of this new and exciting rare digital art movement.

Internationally recognised for pioneering augmented reality paintings in 2013 Edinburg College of Art graduate Jones entered the blockchain driven digital art world with his first submission achieving the all-time high SuperRare record sale of 70 ETH for a collaborative work titled EthGirl.

Jones has since broken the ATH sales records on both KnownOrigin and MakersPlace and he will be dropping his 11th NFT on Gemini-owned Nifty gateway next month, July 23rd.

Jones stated: “It’s an absolute honour to be here at the beginning of this exciting crypto art movement and to be working with true visionaries like the M○C△ team. With my second NFT selling for more than the original painting it really is a unique time to be an artist in this exceptionally innovative space! I believe this is just the beginning of a brand-new world of creativity and art engagement.”

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