The Abyss has revived its mobile app

Gaming platform The Abyss has revealed that not only has it revived its mobile app, but it has also expanded its functionality

Blockchain gaming platform The Abyss has released a new development report revealing that it has revived its mobile app and expanded its functionality.

The announcement was made in a Medium blog post which states the company has been focusing on implementing an “optimisation plan” to achieve greater performance as well adding new features and expanding the platform functionality.

Interestingly, it has decided to “not only revive, but also expand the mobile app functionality by adding new features and elements that will make it more useful”.

The team has tested a new graphical user interface (GUI) utility and developed a universal basis for all social functions such as a special inner transport protocol based on WebSocket that facilitates real-time data transfers from server to client.

The Abyss’s internal statistics mechanism will now collect more data and metrics such as user payment methods, duration of game sessions, registration numbers, and so on, which will aid with its marketing analysis.

The company has also finished its rebranding, with all logos and colours now updated.

An ‘unsubscribe’ function has been implemented within the notification management system as the team believes the ability to manage subscriptions makes the platform more user-friendly.

Its short-term update plans also include adding user ratings for the front-end application and updating the store. The Abyss will also add information about in-game purchases to the game page.

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