Ubisoft reveal Hedera and HBAR Foundation as new GameFi partners

As Web3 gaming takes centre stage the HBAR Foundation and Hedera have been added to the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab

French gaming powerhouse Ubisoft has officially partnered with the HBAR Foundation and Hedera to deliver Web3 GameFi products for the Ubisoft brand.

Behind huge titles such as Rainbow Six Siege and the Far Cry franchise, Ubisoft is a major thought-leader in the gaming space, and its move towards blockchain and Web3 technologies won’t pass by unnoticed.

The partnership will see Ubisoft join the ranks of Hedera’s governing council, meaning that Ubisoft will begin operation of a Hedera network node, leveraging huge computing power to verify more transactions on the Hedera network.

The HBAR Foundation will work with Ubisoft to establish a dedicated Hedera track in the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Labs, equipping promising projects and start-ups with funding, workshops, developer support and on-demand assistance to bring GameFi products to fruition.

Hedera set to unlock GameFi adoption at Ubisoft

Speaking exclusively to Coin Rivet, Alex Russman, Director of the Consumer Engagement Fund at the HBAR Foundation, explained the significance of the new partnership and the depth of involvement.

“The acceptance of both the Hedera Hashgraph technology and the HBAR Foundation into the Ubisoft Entrepreneur Lab is a testament to the depth of this partnership with Ubisoft, one of the world’s most iconic game developers and publishers, and the conviction that the HBAR Foundation is a vital collaborator in shaping Web3 gaming,” claimed Russman.

Hedera is well positioned to unleash the potential of blockchain across a swathe of industries having been developed under the leadership of Dr Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon with the express purpose of low-energy usage and high-transaction speed.

The news comes as Hedera launches version 2.0 of its Smart Contract mainnet.

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