McDonalds launch McRib NFT – almost as saucy as the McRib itself!

McDonalds launch NFT collection for 40th anniversary of McRib on November 1st McRib return date!

Food fanatics worldwide are demanding to know ‘when is the McRib coming back’ to McDonalds – some superfans are even going as far as tracking McRib sightings through a new purpose made app. The McRib lust is real for this elusive sandwich.

So McDonald’s has decided to satiate their cravings with a teasing McRib NFT collection – that will be launched on the 40th anniversary of the legendary items creation.

Described as ‘Almost as saucy as the McRib itself’ the barbecue-infused non-fungible tokens will go live for sale on November 1.

Only 10 lucky McRib superfans will be able to claim the collectibles – which will no doubt carry huge weight in the 14,000 McDonald’s venues globally.

It’s key to note that McDonald‘s will be choosing who receives the NFTs – not just a bidding war to the top – this is one for real maccies lovers.

After all with the McRib NFT, fans will never again have to say goodbye to the sandwich they love.

What’s more?

Coin Rivet can reveal that secret date for the McRib’s return!

Mark your calendars for the McRib’s return on November 1 – this time with a new mango bbq dip! Yummy!

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