Microsoft seeks business development director for its cryptocurrency arm

The technology and software giant has begun the search for a leader to encourage the growth of emerging technologies like Web3

Microsoft has begun the search for a Director of Business Development to bolster the growth of its cryptocurrency and Web3 efforts.

The position, which is part of Microsoft’s AI and Emerging Technologies team, holds responsibility for the growth of Microsoft products and services, with an “understanding of the Web 3.0 market” needed to help the tech giant navigate the emerging space.

The new appointee will also help “lay the foundation to support and inform Microsoft’s Web 3.0 strategy” alongside better developing the “vision, strategy, and roadmap” for Microsoft’s Web3 partnership structure.

In addition, the role requires a candidate with “working knowledge” of other emerging spaces such as DeFi, NFTs and DAOs – suggesting that Microsoft may be working closely within these spaces to decipher the best growth strategies.

Microsoft’s search began yesterday when its blockchain department co-founder and current ‘digital transformation’ leader – Yorke E. Rhodes IIIposted the job role on Twitter.

Little more was revealed about Microsoft’s plans with cryptocurrency and blockchain in the job description. However, Rhodes’ LinkedIn page does provide further insight into its blockchain department.

“As co-founder and core team member focused on our blockchain strategy, we look across the company at assets and resource prioritisation to up-level the playing field and tweak products to add blockchain benefits,” the description reads.

Microsoft’s January acquisition of gaming behemoth Blizzard Games also gave a hint of its ambitions in the metaverse, saying the merger would help provide the “building blocks for the metaverse” – a major attraction for brands and companies looking to capitalise on the race for ‘digital land‘.

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