Personal Corner integrates Chainlink to power NFL-focused ‘dynamic’ NFTs

Personal Corner, an athlete-focused platform created by former Dallas Cowboy’s wide receiver Dez Bryant, has integrated Chainklink data feeds into its landmark series of dynamic NFTs.

The data feeds enable Personal Corner to build NFTs that can dynamically change based on a number of statistics over the course of an NFL season, including touchdowns, interceptions, tackles, sacks, and more.

Through ‘Chainlink Sports’ data feeds, the platform has access to high-quality, accurate decentralised data monitorable through Chainlink Nodes and the array of analytical tools available.

To incentivise the use of dynamic NFTs, each non-fungible token will ‘upgrade’ when certain milestones are reached – granting entry to competitions and raffles for prizes such as signed memorabilia from the players.

In addition, owning an NFT of a player from an early stage in their career lifecycle could grant tickets to games “in recognition of their support” for the particular athlete. 

Chainlink Data Feeds NFT NFTs Personal Corner Coin Rivet

How Chainlink Data Feeds can bring player data to the series of Dynamic NFTs launched by Personal Corner

The platforms first launch, ‘Personal Corner Series 1’, will feature NFL stars such as Trevon Diggs, Maxx Crosby, Von Miller,  Hollywood Brown and more in the form of a Dynamic NFT.

Dez Bryant, who owns a Bored Ape Yacht Club ape alongside many moreNFTs, spoke of the possibilities of the platform for greater fan engagement and experiences.

“With Personal Corner and our athlete partners, one of our goals is to appeal to what attracts our fans and ecosystems and that is real-world sports data. Chainlink is the solution to help us reach these goals,” said Bryant.

“An athlete’s in-game stats matter, and that’s exactly why we’re using Chainlink Sports Data Feeds.

“Dynamic NFTs give athletes a streamlined way to engage their fanbases and begin developing their personal brands. By upgrading NFTs based on player statistics, the foundation of Personal Corner’s NFTs will be rooted in what fans care most about: the sport and connection.”

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