Twitter introduces Ethereum wallet support for its tipping feature

The addition of Ethereum support follows the September introduction of Bitcoin tipping on mobile devices

Twitter users can now use their Ethereum wallet to send and receive tips to others, the company announced.

Its tipping service enables users to send payments in an array of currencies, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, to other accounts on the social media platform.

The addition of Ethereum support follows on from the September introduction of Bitcoin tipping, which uses payment services such as Cash App, Venmo and Strike to leverage the ‘Lightning Network‘ and facilitate faster payments.

The feature will enable tipping using the native token of the Ethereum blockchainETH – and other ERC-20 tokens including Ethereum-based stablecoins.

Ethereum support was teased in November last year following the surprise resignation of former CEO Jack Dorsey, who moved onto the now crypto-focused payments platform formerly known as Square – ‘Block‘.

The addition of Ethereum support now marks the social media giant’s latest foray into the Ethereum ecosystem, which includes the debut of hexagonal NFT profile pictures last month for its NFT-crazed community via its ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription model.

Twitter also announced in November that it was building out a team dedicated to the development and implementation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into its platform.

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